Mosquitoes Control

Not All Mosquitoes Are The Same

Did you know that no product works equally for every kind of mosquito?
There are almost 200 species of mosquito in the US, alone and almost 3,000 worldwide.
That’s why it’s important to call an expert! Super Patra Pest Control Services has a customized mosquito plan for you. Call. today: 0509365717


When we inspect your business for mosquito control we are looking for any local area or object that is likely to hold water for more than four days.  Some mosquito species like will utilize common containers such as Rain Barrels, Old Tires, Bird Baths, Buckets, Cans, Bottles, Tree Holes, and Clogged Gutters.

Reduce Breeding Sites.

Wherever possible, breeding sites should be eliminated.  Homeowners can clean gutters, eliminate objects that hold water, and create drainage in areas that collect standing water wherever possible.

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Mosquitoes prefer to rest in protected sites during the day.  If your business location includes lots of trees, shrubs and dense vegetation or your property adjoins such areas, there could be major problems. To further reduce intolerable levels of biting mosquitoes, a residual treatment should be applied to the lower limbs of trees, shrubs, and other shaded areas around the property.


Integrated Pest Management is a flexible, continuous process that can and should change as situations change.  Evaluation enables us to identify challenges and overcome them with different tactics and tools.

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Whether you’ve found Mosquitoes or might want your home examined for the nearness of termites, call Superpatra Pest Control today for an examination. We’re pleased to give Mosquitoes elimination administrations in KSA.

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